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2 Women's Boxing Matches
Cindy "Sugar Ray Renee" vs. D.J. "Rockin Robin" * Teri vs. Pam Manning
Boxing Video/DVD: T.N.T

Exciting, fearless women's boxing fills the ring with devastating hooks, jabs, and pummeling blows. These sexy women are true competitors and fight hard to the finish!...More about T.N.T


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Fox’s Boxing Girls

Women’s Boxing
Raquel vs. Belle
Boxing Video/DVD: Fox’s Boxing Girls

Wow, what a great women's boxing match we have for you! Dr. Fox's Boxing girls are ready to punch it for his affections. These Foxy Boxers go toe to toe for 6 rounds. Belle is the Champ, but Raquel is all heart. Between rounds, Raquel is pouring on the charm with Fox, which infuriates Belle. Champ Belle and Raquel box it out in hard hitting non stop action till one of them is left KO'd on the ring floor. This is one awesome women's boxing match!...More about Fox’s Boxing Girls


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Battling Blondes

Pro-Amateur Wrestling and Boxing
Brandy vs. Belle
Boxing Video/DVD: Battling Blondes

This first match is women's wrestling and it starts with the beautiful Belle in blue, pitted against a sexy Brandy in pink. With quick exchanges of holds, great face and body punches, slamming flips, punishing chops to the throat, turnbuckle torture, and more. Till one beauties match is ended with a sleeper hold!

Next, this amateur women's boxing match features these two beautiful blondes. Watch them go for 6 rounds! Brandy has great jabs, but Belle delivers hard punches. Stomach, bre...More about Battling Blondes


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Freestyle Valley Tudo Grappling

Women's Boxing
Christine vs. Athena
Boxing Video/DVD: Freestyle Valley Tudo Grappling

Christina and Athena are tough and trained. What starts as a kick boxing match turns into a wild women's boxing brawl. Kicks and punches come from all angles, and these two tough and beautiful girls grapple to the mat. The match roars on, and one girl begins to tire. Eventually her spirit cannot overcome her fatigue and pain. An awesome display of power and courage!...More about Freestyle Valley Tudo Grappling


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Pro-Am Boxing II

Women's Boxing
Michelle Vs. Diane B.
Boxing Video/DVD: Pro-Am Boxing II

This women's boxing video features two sexy, strong, hard hitters that go toe to toe in an all out, pay back, non-stop punching battle. Diane gave Michelle a shiner the last time they fought. Will Michelle prevail over her tough competitor this time? Don’t miss this awesome amateur women's boxing fight!...More about Pro-Am Boxing II


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Cold Shot

Women’s Boxing: Amateur
Vanessa vs. Dreah * Sassy Stephanie vs. Jessie Belle Smothers
Boxing Video/DVD: Cold Shot

These eastern pro style wrestling women decide to put on the gloves and discover just how hard boxing can be. First we have two blondes, Vanessa and Dreah, with Vanessa being the heavy. As they feel each other out, Vanessa soon gets the upper hand and delivers pounding stomach punches and stinging face shots to Dreah. They rally back and forth and soon it’s Dreah getting in her shots to Vanessa. With kidney punches, belly punching and face shots. Both girls get knock downs, and the ending in t...More about Cold Shot


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Amateur Boxing

Women's Boxing
Kelley Vs. Lisa
Boxing Video/DVD: Amateur Boxing

The beautiful Kellie took on the challenge of her lifetime when she jumped into the ring with Lisa, a seasoned pro Boxer. An incredible fight for survival ensues. You must see the outcome of this women's boxing match!...More about Amateur Boxing


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Pro-Am Boxing I

Women's Boxing
Leigh vs. Cindy "Sugar Rey Renee" aka "Sweet Savage"
Boxing Video/DVD: Pro-Am Boxing I

Don't miss this exciting women's boxing action! These two amateurs punch it out to a definitive conclusion. Cindy aka Surgar Rey Renee and Leigh are both beautiful to look, at but are also powerful, mean, and nasty. The referee also takes a beating before a smashing ending!...More about Pro-Am Boxing I


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Pro Boxing

Women's Boxing
Christine Vs. Diane B.
Boxing Video/DVD: Pro Boxing

This full-contact women's boxing match is fought before a panel of judges and is very rough and tough. You’ll be at the edge of your seat watching this exciting and hard-fought battle as you witness each powerful punch! ...More about Pro Boxing


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Fierce Foxy Boxing

Women's Boxing
Stormy vs. Stacy
Boxing Video/DVD: Fierce Foxy Boxing

Both clad in boxer trunks and cut-off tees for this women's boxing match, these girls are equal weight and punch like hell. The first two rounds are Stacey’s, as Stormy is confused by her aggressive onslaught. Round three brings out the cheating, as Stormy holds Stacey’s head and batters her against the ropes. One girl downs the other and in round four, and when it happens again, the floored girl loses her will to fight. Off come the gloves and a wrestling match begins. Watch for the rematc...More about Fierce Foxy Boxing

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